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Product Information
Name: Powder Cockroach Killing Bait
Origin: China (Mainland)
Model No: CR002
Post Date: 2014-03-07 10:25:33
Expiry Date: 2019-09-04 10:25:33
Product Description
Powder Cockroach Killing Bait:

Specification & Quantity: 50 piece per box

1.Strongly effective in Killing cockroach and its eggs: Green Leaf Powder Cockroach Killing Bait not only can kill a large amount of cockroaches directly, but it also can impede the eggs from hatching, which leads to their abnormal death, thus achieves a unique effect of cockroach eradication.
2.Sanitary and environment-friendly: no chemical residues, non-polluting, no irritant odour.

1锛嶰pen the small plastic bag and pour the powder bait where cockroaches are frequently observed or tend to hide, such as in dark places, around inlets of sewer, by cupboard or refrigerator, under sink, near kitchen range, in drawer, wardrobe or hallway.
2锛嶦ach bag is better used for 3 to 5 spots. In order to ensure the effectiveness, once opened,it should be used up at one time.
3锛嶪t is suggested to replace the powder every seven days. Cockroaches will be eradicated after using the powder for two to four times in succession.
4锛嶵he more the Powder Cockroach Killing Bait is placed, the better the effect will be. If a place is heavily-infested by cockroaches, please apply the powder to the whole area.

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